Using AAM Redirection

By James|12/30/2011|,

There are several resources available which show how to configure Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) redirection.  A few good ones are here and here.  The problem I ran into was, once you are done with the redirection, how do you get rid of it?  This required an e-mail to a Microsoft colleague who quickly provided the answer.  As always, the solution is simple once you know what it is 🙂

To remove AAM redirection, issue the stsadm addzoneurl command and omit the redirectionurl.  Here's a brief example of setting up and removing AAM redirection:

Adding AAM

stsadm -o addzoneurl -url http://new_url -urlzone default -zonemappedurl http://new_url -redirectionurl http://old_url

Removing AAM

stsadm -o addzoneurl -url http://new_url -urlzone default -zonemappedurl http://new_url


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